How to Reverse Underachievement? – 5 Practical Tools (English Workshop)

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Underachievers are kids whose potential doesn’t match their achievements.

There are some general characteristics that can be found in most underachievers:

  1. These kids used to love learning and exploring things, but at some point, they “lost” their love for learning.
  2. They give up when learning becomes challenging. If it’s too challenging, they might not be willing to come back to the topic again.
  3. They feel frustrated, misunderstood, or overlooked and might have a negative attitude toward school.
  4. They tend to expect too much or too little from themselves.
  5. They usually don’t deal well with competition and embrace a fixed mindset.

In this one-hour workshop, Lihi Engelsman will cover the most common profiles of underachievers; gifted girls, highly creative students and Twice-Exceptional students and provide practical tools you can use to support them in the classroom.

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