Launch seizoen 2! The Smart Rebel Podcast

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After launching the first season 1 year ago, this podcast quickly made it to the top 10 of ‘most listened to’ podcasts in the Netherlands (self-development category). This new season is packed with even more powerful coaching conversations with gifted individuals from around the world.

This podcast is for gifted adults who want to actualize their potential.

Simone Eringfeld ccoaches the top 2% most intelligent people in this world. But those people often don’t feel that smart at all. You see, the brightest people are often more aware of what they don’t know than of what they do know… Tune into some of the most transformative conversations you’ll ever witness. Each episode, Simone coaches someone new on the spot, challenging their beliefs and messing with their thinking. This podcast will help you to embrace your neurodivergent mind, and celebrate your giftedness.


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Ps. Want to be coached by Simone yourself? During this Week van de Hoogbegaafdheid, you can sign up for a free 1-1 coaching session that will be recorded for the podcast. You can choose to remain anonymous if that is your preference. Book a slot for a podcast coaching session here (free of charge).


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