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Not Now, Maybe Later: Helping children overcome procrastination

Joanne Foster discusses avoidance behavior among gifted learners. Throughout this presentation she shares information, resources, and practical tips to support and encourage children and teens who procrastinate—empowering kids to understand and confront procrastination, and to tap their strengths. Dr. Foster addresses reasons why bright and capable learners sometimes put things off, and she reveals how they can become more effortful, motivated, creative, confident, and productive. She refers to her books (including awardwinners Being Smart about Gifted Learning and Bust Your BUTS) as she discusses concerns, attitudes, influences, and opportunities for children’s and teen’s optimal growth. Dr. Foster offers insights and reassurance alongside many practical strategies for everyday application so adults can help kids engage in meaningful and varied experiences and thereby invest in their own learning and advancement. She also responds to pressing questions from
session attendees.

Dr. Joanne Foster

Joanne Foster, Ed.D. werkt al bijna 40 jaar in het veld van onderwijs aan hoogbegaafden. Ze heeft een Master’s degree in Special Education and Adaptive Instruction, en een Doctoral degree in Human Development and Applied Psychology.
Dr. Foster heeft zowel Onderwijspsychologie als Gifted Education gedoceerd aan het Ontario Institute for Studies in Education van de Universiteit van Toronto, waaraan ze ook jarenlang als hoogbegaafdheids specialist verbonden was. Ze is voorvechter en expert op het gebied van hoogbegaafdheid en hoog ontwikkelingspotentieel, en werkt met ouders, leerkrachten en andere professionals in heel Noord Amerika en daarbuiten.


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