Webinar: Ontwikkel de talenten van je dubbel bijzondere kind

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Evenement beschrijving

Tijdens dit webinar neemt Debbie Steinberg Kuntz ons mee in haar 5-stappenplan om jouw dubbel bijzondere kind te helpen zijn of haar talenten optimaal te ontwikkelen. Omdat het webinar in het Engels gegeven zal worden volgt hieronder ook de beschrijving in het Engels:

5 Steps to Unlock Your Bright and Quirky Child’s Potential

Debbie’s speciality is twice exceptional kids; kids who are gifted, and also have learning, social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges. They may have diagnoses such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression and/or learning disabilities like dyslexia. In this session, Debbie will be discussing the five steps to unlock your child’s potential. The training is based on Debbie’s experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist, working with hundreds of families from over 150 countries. She will offer some very clear and helpful steps that she has discovered over the years from working with twice exceptional children and their families.


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Talentissimo, Steynlaan, Zeist, Nederland.

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