The Smart Rebel Podcast Launch!

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Evenement beschrijving

Eindelijk is het dan zover… De Smart Rebel Podcast is er! Vanaf vandaag is de podcast overal te beluisteren. In elke aflevering wordt er een hoogbegaafd persoon gecoacht door Simone Eringfeld. Luister mee met deze gesprekken vol inzichten, ontroering, en ‘aha’-momenten.

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Het voelt alsof je zelf indirect gecoacht wordt, op thema’s waarin vele HB-ers zich herkennen.Hieronder de beschrijving in het Engels:

The Smart Rebel Podcast: For gifted adults who want to thrive in life, and actualize their full potential. 

I coach the top 2% most intelligent people in this world. But those gifted people often don’t feel that smart at all… In fact, they often feel the exact opposite way. You see, the brightest people are often more aware of what they don’t know than what they do know.

On this podcast, you can tune into some of the most fascinating conversations you’ll ever witness. Every episode, I am coaching someone on the spot, challenging their mind and messing with their thinking. From difficult life decisions, to scary career steps… From overcoming impostor syndrome to building up the confidence to be proudly neurodivergent…. This podcast will make you feel like you’re indirectly being coached yourself – by me – on some of the biggest questions, themes, and mindset blocks that gifted people experience.

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