Masterclass: Become a ‘Gifted Go-Getter’ (The Smart Rebel)

In by SimoneEringfeld

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I’m giving you a very intimate behind-the-scenes peek into my life, and I’ll be showing you how I’ve achieved some of my biggest accomplishments ever. People frequently ask me how it seems that everything I touch ‘magically turns to gold’. But what they can’t see from the outside, is the mindset work and action-taking that occur on the inside….

I have a lot of successes to celebrate, including:

  • Being a published author
  • Releasing a music album and touring the UK with it
  • Getting interviewed on podcasts, the radio, by newspapers…
  • Being invited to write a book (a very recent one!)
  • Running my own purpose-driven company
  • Traveling the world and living a ‘digital nomad life’
  • Getting featured on the cover of a major magazine
  • Being selected as one of the Netherlands’ most promising talents
  • Completing 3 BA degrees in 3 years’ time
  • Producing award-winning research
  • Becoming a PhD candidate in Polar Studies at Cambridge University
  • Getting funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Running a successful business
  • And many more…

In this masterclass, I’m literally going to be showing you what went into the creation of some of these successes. I’m talking pure vulnerability and transparency here… And you can ask me anything you want – nothing is off-limits.

I’ll be breaking down the ‘Gifted Go-Getter’ approach to life. It is what I personally live by, and it’s also what I teach my clients – many of whom have gone on to achieve their own major successes as a result of my coaching.

You’ll walk away with a ton of insights, renewed inspiration, and a clear sense of what it will take for you to start embracing more success in your own life.


I’m offering this masterclass as part of the Dutch ‘Week van de Hoogbegaafdheid’ (Week of Giftedness). Which is why tickets are FREE!

The replay will be available afterwards, for those who can’t make it live.

Ps. This event will be in English (all other events during this week will be in Dutch).


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Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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