Five Myths About The Gifts and Curses of Giftedness (2 shows)

Pleun van Vliet


Evenement beschrijving

In this 1.5 hour theatre show, 5 storytellers each perform a moving myth or folktale that deeply connects to the different gifts and curses associated with giftedness.

Storytelling is not the same as ‘reciting a story’ that is learned by heart. Storytelling is also not ‘acting’; a storyteller does not perform a role. Instead, storytelling is a highly personal and authentic art form in which the storyteller directly taps into the individual experiences of the audience via the meaning of the story being performed. This open interaction with the audience renders the art of storytelling an intimate, playful and powerful quality.

The show is entirely English spoken and will be transmitted via Zoom on March 12th twice: at 15.30 and 19.00.

Tickets cost €10,- (early bird, until March 6th), or €15,- (late bird, from March 6th).


  • Organisator: Pleun van Vliet
  • vrijdag 12 maart, van 17:00 tot 21:30
  • Prijs: €

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Amsterdam, Nederland.

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